Navas Driving School in Brooklyn Center/Park, MN a greedy little business.

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I paid the "Navas Driving School" $240 for a 2 hour 3 driving lessons and the dude always came to my house ridiculously and fashionably 40mins - 1 hour plus late and adds it to my 2 hours!wtf!

My first lesson he was about 40mins late so i thought he wasn't gonna come anymore so i went to the basement and worked out for about 20mins, then he calls me to come out and charges me a $50 late fee cause he was waiting in his car for 10mins wtf!!! And did pretty much the same thing for my last 2 lessons, I paid for 6 hours but got about 3 1/2 hours total.

We're supposed to leave at 3:30pm and finish at 5:30pm every tuesday for 3 weeks, but he'd come around 4 or 4:30pm.The "Navas Driving School" is nothing but a greedy little business that steals teenager's hard earn money, for you younger guys out here in Brooklyn Center/Park Minnesota watch out for them.

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